Asian Studies in Africa

A-Asia / ICAS Africa-Asia Book Prize

The A-Asia / ICAS Africa-Asia Book Prize (AAIBP) was established by the ICAS Secretariat and A-Asia in 2013. The aim is to create by way of a global competition both an international focus for publications on Africa-Asia while at the same time increasing their visibility worldwide.

Academic publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences which are eligible should either be written by an African scholar on an Asian topic or by any other author on Africa-Asia (transnational) linkages. Authors from Africa and Asia are strongly encouraged to submit their books.

Deadline:  Closed (15 March 2015)

All academic books published in English, French and Portuguese between 2009 and 15 March 2015 on topics pertaining to Africa-Asia are eligible.

The winner will be announced during the A-Asia Inaugural Conference Asian Studies in Africa in Accra, Ghana (24-26 September 2015).

For more information see the Rules and Regulations section.

For questions, please contact the ICAS Secretariat at